Rejoicing with great discipline

Last weekend, around 100 children aged 3 to 8 years old had great fun with the foreign dancers at the A.S.K. “We Dance wee groove” is an interactive dance theatre, providing the kids with a fabulous zero-distance experience. Taken off their shoes for special-made anti-skid socks, the children were dancing with four artists on the floor. The movements, creatively designed, would guide you on an adventure in the jungle, take you to the moon, surf with you on the beach, and many more.

At the very beginning, children there were a little shy and dared not approach these foreign dancers. But the variety of their dancing movements combined with their excellent communicative skills were so attractive that the children couldn’t help joining them. Actually, this kind of performing is quite popular abroad, called “Intimate Theatre”, while in China, it rarely exists.

Parents who watched besides their children were also invited to the center of the stage to dance. Mr. Li gestured towards his son, saying, “He is already yawning and sweating from head to toe, but just won’t stop dancing.”

Interestingly, when it comes to the solo part for the dancers, the children all sat down to form a circle quite voluntarily and no one would step into that circle. This kind of disciplinary behavior amazed some parents as well.

Labour Daily, Shanghai, China


“…no-one is ever tempted to put Baby in the corner – there’s too much to do. There’s an interactive team of friendly dancers – some of Scotland’s finest choreographic talent among them, who unobtrusively shift the pace and guide the action, helped by a Pied Piper … well actually, he’s a percussionist. And though We Dance, wee groove is crammed with all kinds of motivational/developmental stuff that tots thrive on, what makes it a winner is the feelgood factor that it uncorks across an hour.” The Herald

We Dance, wee groove is billed as a piece of theatre for age 2-7, courtesy of Stillmotion Productions. In practice most of the children present must have thought they were at a very special party as they danced their way round the world with the talented Penny Chivas, Laura-Anne Smith and Louis Magee. Not easy to work surrounded by children who don’t always move back when they’re asked to and you can see the performers’ training and professionalism kicking in.

“And what a treat the music is – Scottish reels, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sugar Plum, Richard Strauss, Star Wars, Louis Armstrong and much more. Tunes and rhythms are the order of the day.”

The Stage


“A highly inclusive experience, it was truly encouraging to see toddlers (and their parents) joyfully immersing themselves in this well-choreographed and imaginative dance show. A brilliant way for little ones to explore the art of dance and music. We danced, Wee grooved — and we had a lot of fun doing it!”

Curious mum




  • Enjoy! It is the purest joy of childhood.
  • “We thoroughly enjoyed our wee groove today… It was absolutely super. Attention to detail, super choice of dancers and v child friendly.
  • (The children) really gained so much from it. Thank you”
  • I think it’s such a fantastic experience you’ve created.  The path of it seemed just like a night of dancing for miniature people in a miniature form – the shyness at first, followed by loosening up and manically letting go, and finally the come-down at the end…..!!   …after 20 minutes of gentle encouragement he had a brilliant time – progressing from wanting to leave at the beginning to wanting to stay at the end!”
  • “The interaction between the performers and the children was amazing. They constantly encouraged all to join in (even the big kids like myself!), my daughter was rather shy to begin with but after rolling on the floor chasing one of the performers she was gone for the rest of the hour. The whole experience was one we will remember until next year and will be looking to book as early as possible for my family and even more friends next year as have raved about it since!”
  • “Doing something high quality and interactive. We see quite a lot of theatre so good to do something different. Dancers and drummer were great. My 2.5 year old loved the “ginger biscuit men” projected on the ceiling.”
  • “AMAZING!! It was far and above what I had expected from it, the dancers and staff were so friendly and interactive. I felt like my child and nephew got loads of individual attention and they absolutely loved it. It was brilliant to get a chance to do something totally unique but such good fun, especially as I work full time and miss out on doing lots with my little boy. Thanks so much.”
  • “Having an event inclusive of an under two-year old and enjoyable for me too. The staff/dancers at the event were excellent – helpful, talented, fun. The facilities provided (toys, baby-changing) were also very good and well thought through.”



Dancing is an education about beauty. It not only helps develop the balance ability of kids, but also enhance their understandability, imagination and creativity, therefore offers happy feelings to them.

Today, LUC (Little Urban Centre) invites the team of We Dance wee groove, one of the most popular dancing party/theatre in Scotland, to dance with our kids in an unconventional and international way.

Back in their home, the talented show allows babies in nappies and great-grandmothers in their 80s to swing with happiness. In LUC, the brilliant artists, with their skillful/persuasive invitation, our kids dance their great joy without a moment of shyness.

International Children’s Centre, Shanghai


We Dance, wee groove brilliantly creates a new kind of performance, incorporating dance, music and interaction. It was loved by the young children and their carers.

Tony Reekie

Chief Executive, Imaginate


It is a really fun, creative piece that is ideally suited to families and worked a treat with our audiences. The whole experience engages both the children and their parents or carers alike and has huge potential for accompanying activities within educational, community and professional contexts.

Liam Sinclair

Artistic Director, macrobert, Stirling


From a venue perspective We Dance, wee groove is quite unique at the present time as it’s an interactive show which crosses the boundary between stortytelling, dance, drama & participation. I think the whole parent/child interaction in such a fun environment is a key to assisting in parenting skills.

Janice Gilmour

Palace Complex Manager, The Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock


We Dance,wee groove brilliantly creates a new and unique kind of performance – a crossover between performance and participation – which incorporates dance, music, film and learning.

Laura Tyrell

Howden Park Centre, Livingston


We Dance Wee Groove supports Family Learning by providing opportunities for the whole family, siblings, parents, and grandparents too. By taking forward children’s entitlement to the arts, We Dance Wee Groove also provides support to parenting through the provision

of enjoyable, active, playful, family and community based activity. Parental feedback has reflected the manner in which participation in We Dance Wee Groove flows beyond the event and into the home, supporting health and well-being, emotional security, communication across a range of genres, confidence and hence learning. Children’s visual literacy and awareness is raised through use of screen images which accompany the event, enabling children to explore “experimental and aesthetic vocabularies” (Mary Rose Lloyd, New Victory Theatre 42nd Street New York).

Juliet Hancock

Senior Early Childhood Officer, Stirling Council