A journey to the four corners of the dance floor for young children and their grown ups.

We Dance, wee groove is a very special dance experience… a unique, stimulating and enriching experience to celebrate dance, music and imaginative play for children.

Our friendly and creative team of performers will guide you on a musical journey around the world and to outer space – you’ll surf, you’ll jive, you’ll groove and bop!

We Dance, wee groove invites participation between audience and performers for a unique experience to watch, listen, play and explore the four corners of the dance floor.

The show is performed for a 6 months – 5 years audience.

Setting the scene with vibrant projections and inspiring dance moves, a friendly and creative team of dancers will guide you through the musical journey around the world that is We Dance, wee groove.

We Dance, wee groove is presented and produced by stillmotion

The show was originally commissioned by Imaginate, and has been produced in association with Starcatchers.

the show has been performed in Shanghai at The Art Space for Kids (The A.S.K.) in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Takeoff Festival in Darlington and Durham in 2016, Imaginate Festival in Edinburgh 2008 , 2010 & 2015, Battersea Arts Centre 2015, Woodend Barn Dance Live 2015, Unicorn Theatre London 2013, Canadian tour 2011 to Calgary and Ottawa, Scottish Tour 2010, and Inspiration Festival in Glasgow in 2009.

Created and directed by Brian Hartley & stillmotion

Composer | Dave Boyd

Choreography | Brian Hartley and the company, after original choreography by Natasha Gilmore

2018-19 performers | Penny Chivas, Brian Hartley, Tara Hodgson, Joel Wilson

Video design | Tim Reid + Brian Hartley

Costume | Jennie Lööf + Brian Hartley

Lighting design + Production management | Sergey Jakovsky

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